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When should I apply?

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When should I apply?

My goal cards and last card apps for awhile will be Chase Citi Discover and Amex. Wont app all at the same time but I can hardly wait to see the APPROVED word again!! What are the score requirements for these cards? I got denied for Discover a couple weeks ago. They closed my last account awhile ago. Since then I have had two collections fall off only one left PAID and I have some missed payments with discover and BofA from 2009. I have been looking around and see that scores have to be in the upper 600's to lower 700's.My utilization is also below 15% I am doing the PIF every month with only one credit card with a $1000 balance but 4.5K CL. Any advice is appreciated I dont want to apply if my chances of denial are high I just cant wait to get back on with some of the bigger credit card companies. Also, scores below are current.

Current Score: EQ 632 EX 653 TU 617
My Wallet: Barclay $2000 | Military Star $4200 | Navy Federal $3500 | Chase Freedom $1500 | Bank Of America $600 | American Eagle $500 | The Company Store $250 | Amazon $400 | Children's Place $150
OFFICIALLY GARDENING: 03/19/13 to 09/19/13 or later
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Re: When should I apply?

Maybe first goodwill late payments and collection then maybe apply.
Cards: CSP $5k, Capital One Cash Rewards VS $3100, Discover it $3k Capital One MasterCard $600, Orchard Bank $3k, Barclays Rewards MC $1250 Gapcard $900, BR $300, Neiman Marcus $1k, Macys $1200 Walmart $500
In the garden until I can get a BCP

Starting Score: 534
Current Score: 682 EQ SW 660 TU 636 EX 3/26/13
Goal Score: 720

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Re: When should I apply?

Work on those baddies get your scores up close to 700 and im willing to bet you might get approved for all of them @ same time 


Before you app think...
Have you done your research of the CC?
Does it fit your spending?
Do you have a plan for the bonus w/o going into debt?
Can you afford the AF?
Do you know the cards benefits? Is it worth the HP?
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Re: When should I apply?

depends which card you want from each bank...

from citi the simplicity is easy to get

chase id go for the freedom or slate

discover are a$$holes so avoid them lol


for these cards id say 670-680's

Barclays TU: 760 MyFico EX: 746 EQ:?

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