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When to cancel the sub-prime cards?

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Re: When to cancel the sub-prime cards?

DiabolicallyRandom wrote:

Macys $1500 1 year

BrandSource/ Citi $2000 6 months

Kohls  $500 3.5 years

Orchard Bank $300 3 years 59 annual fee

best buy reward zone mastercard $500 1.5 years 59 annual fee


Yeah I have banked with them for 7 years and I kept receiving "pre-qualified" offers so i finally just bit the bullet and they approved me for $4000.  I was thinking it was somehting I could build on my path to better and I was too scared to apply for better lol.

I also just  got the Wells Fargo cash back.   For 6 months you get 3% rewards and 0%APR, so most all expenses are going through that card now.


On the Orchard and Best Buy, call them when the AF  is due and try to negoiate a waiver or reducton of AF before closing it.  Or on the other hand, You may get a better card for either Orchard or BB as both are transisitoning to new banks, so waiting might be worth it.



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Re: When to cancel the sub-prime cards?

I would hold off on canceling the Orchard until you see what it will become after the Cap1 transition is complete. You can call the EO to get the AF removed.
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Re: When to cancel the sub-prime cards?

Although the rewards are lacking of the WF card, it will grow steadily with you. I started at $3000 limit. Called and asked for more after some time and it was raised to $5000. Then to $7500. Now my CL is $10000. Although I called in for all of these CLIs, none of them were a HP on my CRs.
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