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When to request CLI for various cards

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When to request CLI for various cards

For my Chase FU, BoA CashRewards, Discover, Cap1 QS1, and NFCU rewards cards (see siggy), I'm wondering what the normal expected timeframe since opening to request CLI and whether there are specific times (like AMEX BCE 3X) to escape a HP? Any insight would be appreciated.

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Re: When to request CLI for various cards

Everything is pretty much every 6 months.  You might see a free CLI on Chase wihin the first 3-6 months, Everyone else is a SP/HP usually every 6 months.  As with AMEX it's a SP every 6 months beyond the first one at 61 days.

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Re: When to request CLI for various cards

Capital One and AMEX will never hard pull. Chase will always hard pull if it's customer-initiated. Discover is normally a soft pull; they'll tell you if they want to hard pull.


austinguy907 has covered AMEX except that you have to wait 91 days after a denial. With Capital One, you can request as often as you like, although you need to wait six months after accepting a limit increase. Discover seems to be a total crapshoot. Request as often as you want and see what happens. Previously, people were getting increases every 30, 60, or 90 days, but that seems to have slowed down somewhat.

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Re: When to request CLI for various cards


Since 3/29 Disco has been a little odd.  If you're under 20K CL then the door is open for asking and getting something.  However there are some that were reliably getting a CLI under 20K CL and now aren't and are stuck on the 3-5 day message routine.


Disco is always a SP unless you click submit and they ask your permission to HP explicitly.  If you call them and want to bypass the slow CLI SP method there's the option to HP and go up.  If it's not a HP issue to move up they'll talk you out of the HP option and suggest waiting it out.


I wish they would all get on the same playing field when it comes to CLI's though to make it easy.  The little nuances seem to trip us all up from time to time if we're not thinking about the process for a particular lender or double checking what the current situations are on here.  Like the 91 day cool off period on an AMEX denial for a CLI throws a wrench into things.  Asking Cap1 and backing out of it when they offer you $200 with hopes of trying again next month for something bigger.  


I opted to simplify things and genralize it as a 6 month interval.

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