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When to try and negotiate...

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When to try and negotiate...

When is the best time to negotiate APR reductions, CLI's, and combinations of cards?  I don't necessarily need CLI's on most of my cards, but I would like lower APR's and to combine some.  Should I use the card, PIF, and then call?  Should I call the backdoor numbers, or just call the number on the back of the card. 


Should I not use the card and then call and say I'll use the ard more with a lower APR?  


And on any card that I recently got a CLI, Discover, Cap1, and Citi, should I wait 6 months before asking for a APR reduction or a combination of cards?


What do all of you recommend as the bast course of action?

4/16/09: TU: 775, EQ: 805
2/11/09: TU: 773, EQ: 790, EX:790
11/16/08: TU: 773, EQ: 785, EX: 780
Goals for 2009: 0 Credit Card Debt & 0% Util (achieved 2/6/09), Mortgage! (achieved 11/2/09), getting closer to 800 scores (I crossed this earlier this year, but I'm sure I'm not there anymore!)
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Re: When to try and negotiate...

I would call every 3 months and ask for apr reductions until you get to the place you want to be.

CLI are a little less frequent

combining accounts... I would say anytime.

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