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Where is the Luv button??

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Re: Where is the Luv button??

I don't know what causes the button to appear and not. But I've once or twice clicked on it to get the form. So it can be only for auto CLI's that are available.
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Re: Where is the Luv button??

Maybe, if it's the do-you-want-this message, you're pre-approved?

And if the form is there, you're probably eligible, but it will cost you??

And if there's nothing there at all, you need to go away and watch TV for a while???

--just a guess
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Re: Where is the Luv button??

Mine is gone. I hate the new site design.
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Re: Where is the Luv button??

I've read on other board that LUV buton appears on new Citi cite when Citi thinks that you may be eligible for CLI, and disappears when Citi knows that you are not eligible for CLI.
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