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Where r u mr mailman?

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Re: Where r u mr mailman?

I just bought black ops and am hoping for it to come in soon! Also, I couldn't wait for my cards to come in the mail, the wait was killing me cause Citi and Discover took their nice sweet time (6 days for Citi, one full week fo Discover) getting my cards to me. So yeah, now I'm just excited to have Black Ops coming in the mail!

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Re: Where r u mr mailman?

Lol I preordered Black Ops II last month at target and got a free $5 gift card when I picked it up today. My social life is over now Smiley Wink
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Re: Where r u mr mailman?

Duncanrr wrote:
Xbox 360. Brother and I play online together. Our significant others really hate this time of year Smiley Wink

Bahaha my little bro lives in Vegas and we play Halo online alot but he is younger than me (20) ans kicks my butt almost every time

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