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Which Barclays card gives highest CL

New Contributor

Which Barclays card gives highest CL

Hi All,


I was wondering if anyone has insights into the the undewriting standards for Barclay cards.  I currently have the Apple Financing and Apple Rewards card, but plan to apply for a new card.  I am looking for intro rate or low interest, but most important a generous CL.  Was thinking about the Barclays Ring, Amerprised World Elite, or just the Priceline card.  Are the underwriting the same for these cards?  


I should have around 1% util, 700 Fico, 0 inq, and highest CL on my report of 5k.  I also have a bk discharged in 4yrs+ ago with perfect history since, if that makes any difference.  My current 2 accounts with Barclays were open on 10/11.  I had 4 open accounts from 8/12-9/12, along with opening a PP Smart Connect last month.



Ch7 BK discharged 3/2009
Bloomies (10/99): 4k Alliant (8/10): 4k
SCEFCU Visa (9/12): 6k SCEFCU auto (9/12): 22k
Barclays Apple (10/11): 5k iTunes: 3k SLM: 15k
Amazon (8/12): 15k Walmart store (9/12): 6K
Partners (9/12): 20k CapOnex2 (1/10): 10k Discover IT (3/13): 5k
SDFCU: 20k Amex BCE: 8k
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