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Which CC will approve me?

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Re: Which CC will approve me?

Great Advice guys... As of right now I have a long road ahead of me. I'm already working on clearing one of my old charge off items and hoping to have it removed by mid March then work on the other two at the same time...


As for applying for card - I think I'm going to give it a try in the next few days in applying for a new card... Right now i have six inquires on my report and want to keep it below 10 becuase after that I believe it will damage my credit report . So I hope in a few months I would have an update for you guys. Again thanks for your input.. 

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TU FICO - 580 (Oct 2013) 680 (May 2014)

EQ - 509 - (Oct 2013) 672 (May 2014)
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Re: Which CC will approve me?

Your two CC's in good standing are less than a month old and you have multiple major derogs on your report. I can't see instant approvals happening anywhere. You need to let those new CC's age a bit. I'd also suggest heading over to the "Rebuilding your Credit" forum to see if you can get any help with getting those derogs removed. Best of luck.
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Re: Which CC will approve me?

I will be calling on my student loan which is reporting a CURRENT chargeoff on my credit report and hoping to have it paid off and removed from my credit asap but I know it takes up to 30 days to have it taking off. I guess I'm just in a rush to have my score up but I know i need to find the patience inside of me.. .UGH... LOL  

EX - 522 (Oct 2013) 695 (May 2014)

TU FICO - 580 (Oct 2013) 680 (May 2014)

EQ - 509 - (Oct 2013) 672 (May 2014)
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Re: Which CC will approve me?

I actually would like to know if I have a pretty good chance at a Wal-Mart card.  I tried the Barclay's Reward and was denied even after recon try.  The letter I got from them stated high utilization as a major factor.  The rep even told me once I get that down I can call again and "most likely be approved".  I have worked at getting the utilization is now around 65%.  I am still working on it.  The TU score that Barclays provided showed 601.  Should I try and go for the Wally World card?  Is there a better option out there?


Currently I have a Cap 1 regular (xfer from Orchard) - 500 limit

Cap 1 Quicksilver One - 1000 limit

NFCU nRewards Secured - 600 limit

Woodforest MC - $2000 limit (joint with my mother)


A few derogatory collections, only 2 inq, most recent being Cap 1 for the Quicksilver card


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Re: Which CC will approve me?

Capital One would probably approve you. They're good at forgiving issues that you work hard to rectify. They will give you a low balance, but if you work with them, you could request to have it raised.

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Re: Which CC will approve me?

Yea I think they would too, although with the new One card I got with them it may be "iffy".  I was hoping for one of the GECRB cards as I have read here that they are very good with CLI and helping with people in rebuilding mode.  I thought I might get the Barclay's one after reading posts in these forums but it was a no go....I guess it was ok that I at least got my TU Fico score from them Smiley Tongue.   I would like the Wal- Mart card or something similar (preferably a GECRB card), as I would like to start building that ever important relationship with this company. 

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Re: Which CC will approve me?

gcalvillo6504 wrote:

What's going on guys - I've been reading the form for the past three months and very excited to start applying for CC but tired of being denied in the past.


So I was wondering who will get me a instant approval... My TU 635 EQ 580 TU 584. I need to start building my credit up.. Any help with be great.


Here goes what I have

Two CONNS charge off closed on Dec 2012 ($600.00 & $1,542.00)

Old student loan charge off CURRENT ($346.00)

Wells Fargo Secure Credit card  – Reports a few lates but closed Feb 2012

BofA  Secure CC – closed Dec 2012 reports a few late



BofA MTG – 4yrs Current GOOD Never Late

GM Car loan – 2yrs good current

Credit one – New card opened Dec 2013 Good

Capital One Secure – Open Dec 2013 – good

Student loan – 2yrs – Current enver late


No loans in collections.

You have two brand new cards and no clean revolving history aside from the new cards. I would skip apping for anything right now and work on gardening what you have and cleaning up your accounts. Paying/getting deletions and some goodwills may help you out.

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