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Which Citi Card is easiest to get with 760 Fico 8

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Re: Which Citi Card is easiest to get with 760 Fico 8

@Superduper2014 wrote:

@JR_TX Hi, Cards will be at 29% util at time of application. Strategy changed. 

The need is for a BT that allows a check to be deposited in checking account or direct deposit to checking instead of paying off a creditor. 

Discover sends checks when requested for BT and Citi I hear they can do the transfer to checking or check (but wanted to corroborate this information with the CITi and whether it depends on the credit card used) Depending on this alone is what will be applied for first. Any ideas. ?

I have both the Simplicity as well as the DP and have gotten money xferred to checking for BT on both accounts. 

Remember that if you xfer money to your checking account and then pay off another Citi balance they're likely to become suspicious and close both accounts, so make sure you're paying off a balance elsewhere or doing something different with that money. 

In the hierarchy I believe the Simplicity to be the "better" card,  which I think I would go for if you're interested in an upgrade later because after a year they started offering for me to PC into a DC card,  which I'm looking at doing here once I pay that balance off.  Obviously they both offer the same 21 mo 0% APR for BTs which is amazing, but after some time they would like to see some revenue generated on your end and start showing you reasons to use your card such as 5% cash back offers, special APRs on additional spend and flex loan perks with their own APRs, etc. 

I wanted a Prestige card so I took advantage of a 5% cash back offer on my Simplicity so they could see some activity from me before I applied for it to help my chances for approval as well as giving them a reason to keep that PC offer around for me so when I'm ready to make that change the offer will still be there. 

They've also been very generous with me on their CLIs, but that was pre-C19, so well see how things go in the future. 

If you have any other questions let me know. 

Best of luck on your decision!

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