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Which Citi card do you think is best?

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Re: Which Citi card do you think is best?

TYP.  Simplicity is just a no rewards BT card.  blah.  

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Re: Which Citi card do you think is best?

Simplicity has the long 0 APR period, not sure that any Citi card has an especially low standard APR.

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Re: Which Citi card do you think is best?

HiLine wrote:

enharu wrote:
Simplicity is the best card for BT or just extended 0% promos.

The TY preferred is the best card if your are basing it upon the standard offers. NPSL, and better rewards.

However if you are including all ongoing promos, then the thank you would be the best, since its the only card that has a 5X unlimited gas, groceries and drug stores offer.

How long is the offer good for, enharu? Is there a cap one the bonus cash back? If there is a cap that is low, the difference will be rather minimal ...

1 year for the 5X and its unlimited, like longtime said. The 0% APR promo period lasts for 14 months, as opposed to the standard 12 months for the TY cards.


johnpalley wrote:

what about the best citi card for a low apr and the highest credit limit? dont care about rewards

The lowest APR citi has for their cards is 12.99% (not including sign-up promos). If you're seeking a low APR card, check out the Barclay Ring card, and also offerings by credit unions. Credit cards offered by the bigger banks tend to have higher APRs.


The credit limit they issue you is dependent on your credit history and income, rather than the type of card you're trying to get. 

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Re: Which Citi card do you think is best?

I got the Simplicity back in January of this year after receiving offer in mail. I plan to PC it to TY after the 18 month 0% period is over. 

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