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Which Delta Amex?

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Which Delta Amex?

**Paging resident Delta guru @K-in-Boston**

I recently apped and was approved for the CSR and the Amex gold, and was ready to call it quits for a while when Delta sent me a targeted 70k miles for 2k spend offer via email.

I plan to continue using CSR/Gold combo as my main travel card and daily driver, but I’ve contemplated getting a Delta Amex in the past and now seems like a good time given the higher targeted offer. Will wait a month or 2 to let new accounts settle in.

Plan to mainly use for SUB and then for benefits such as free checked bag, etc, but my question is whether I should go for Delta Gold or Delta Platinum? I’ve got a 70k Offer for both (plus 5k MQMs with Platinum).

Combined personal and business, I probably fly ~10 times a year. Mostly domestic with 1 or 2 international flights thrown into the mix. Maybe enough to hit Silver, depending on length of flights, but I live in Hub metro (DTW) so everyone has status.

It’s nice that Gold AF is waved year 1, so I’ve considered going for that for now and then upgrading to Platinum after year 1. If I did this and didn’t get a bonus to upgrade, would I then be able to apply for a 2nd Platinum (or DW) to maximize mileage? Thoughts?
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Re: Which Delta Amex?

Platinum gives you a free companion flight after the first year. Other than that, they're pretty similar. You can have more than 1 of the same card and they may send an offer to upgrade. You can also request one after the first year, but it probably won't be as good as one they send you.


Also, here's an assist in trying to reach @K-in-Boston 

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Re: Which Delta Amex?

Definitely Platinum.


If you are like me, you don't even have to use it for anything else. Feel free to still use your other cards for rewards, the way you see fit. Anyway, the reason for going Platinum is the Companion Certificate. This benefit alone more than pays for the card (I use mine on around $600 tickets). It never made sense to me to get the gold, unless you will not use this benefit.

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Re: Which Delta Amex?

Just this morning I was asking myself the same **bleep** question! Literally amazes me how a question I’m thinking out is usually asked within a couple days of me thinking it.

I’m awaiting the Delta refresh, but will tune in for the resident expert to chime in. Paging Delta guru myFICO forums—Credit Cards. Paging Delta guru myFICO forums—Credit Cards.
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Re: Which Delta Amex?


This is funSmiley Happy
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Re: Which Delta Amex?

I got Delta Gold for sub, i will downgrade it to blue after a year. I am getting gold status from flying, and I travel very light. So this card's perks are not important for me.


When I travel with companion, its almost always overseas. The companion cert of platinum is, in most cases, useless to me.

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Re: Which Delta Amex?

Just a word of caution - the email offers from Delta aren't based on a pre-qualification. Check Card offers on Amex site to see if you're likely to actually get approved. 


(I get them all the time and know from experience I won't be approved)

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Re: Which Delta Amex?

It really boils down to how much you will fly Delta.

I don’t view the Delta cards as cards that I would use on a daily basis but rather benefits cards.

The gold is waived the first year, but after year 1 you have to fly 3 one way segments to break even on the AF with checked baggage. Will you fly more then 3 one ways per year or will you fly with a companion on the same PNR ? (Required to get companion free bags)

It’s easier to break even on the AF on the platinum in my opinion but it also depends on what you plan on using the main cabin RT ticket for. Short hauls that only cost $150 RT will be much harder to justify the AF vs transcon flights.

If you will fly economy RT with a companion atleast once a year and the flight cost is $250 or more then I think the platinum is the better option. You would truly get free baggage instead of having 3 OW’s to break even.

Another thing to consider is the EQM/EQD bonus with platinum. It can certainly help obtain status but only you can decide if that’s beneficial for you.

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Re: Which Delta Amex?

Appreciate all the replies so far. It seems like the Platinum is the best route to go right now. We only flight Delta and should be able to get good value out of the Companion cert on a trip to the West Coast, which will easily cover the AF.

Not sure MQMs bonus will really benefit me in any major way status wise, but can’t hurt.

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Re: Which Delta Amex?

Sorry I'm so late to chime in.  I feel loved.  Smiley LOL


Responses so far are great.  Even living in a hub (and now that BOS has officially been named one, I guess I do too), having Delta cards can still benefit you even if there might be 8 Diamond Medallions on many of your flights!


Certainly, if you can use the companion certificate each year, Platinum or Reserve make perfect sense since usually that makes your net AF a negative number just after the certificate.  On your international tickets, do the math and see if it makes more sense toward status and mileage earnings to book partner or codeshares instead of Delta-marketed flights, but credit your SkyMiles account with the ticket you purchased from Air France, KLM, Virgin, or whoever.  Gold Medallion or higher can really pay off with the perks on international itineraries as you'll have access to SkyTeam lounges, expedited security, expedited check-in, etc. even when flying in economy.


As long as you're not opposed to new accounts, I would always highly suggest applying for new Delta cards rather than upgrading since the elevated SUBs are much better than even the best upgrade offers.  As a rule, those are once in a lifetime so make sure you can get the highest SUB possible.  DW can apply for as many cards as she wants; even being an AU on your account(s) will not make her ineligible for SUBs.


For most people I would agree with the sentiment that the Delta cards are generally best used for the perks and not for spend.  But of course if you do, there's the MQD waiver up to PM status and Mileage Boost for Platinum and Reserve cards.  I've personally decided to hit $30k and stop on Delta Reserve this year.  Hitting PM for 2020 (would have been short this year on MQDs) and knowing that I'll end up using the mileage earned on a high value redemption made that an easy decision for me.

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