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Which Travel Rewards Card

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Which Travel Rewards Card

My family is spread out thru the country, and I am going to be taking several flights this coming year to visit.  So I am looking for a card with a good mileage program. 


I currently have two other cards, the first is a USAA AmEx Secured that was my first card.  Ive kept it since it is my oldest account, but I haven't used it in over a year.  I also have a Capital One Quicksilver MC that is my daily driver, but I keep my total usage at about 6% each month.  As far as other credit, I have about 2k in student debt, and a car loan but no missed payments on either.  My credit isn't spectacular, but it has stayed at about 715 (experian) for a few months now with my oldest account being 2.5 yrs old.


The biggest factor for me is being able to earn a reasonable amount of points on everyday purchases, and not having to spent 3k to earn the intro bonus.  Also, having access to a FICO score would be nice as well.


My current top contenders are the Citi Thankyou Preferred and the Delta SkyMiles (the low buy in for their intro bonus is appealing), but I'm open to suggestions. 


Thanks for your input!

USAA Secured $1k
Capital One Quicksilver $8K
Chase Freedom $3.2k
Amex Gold Delta $22K
6/18: Equifax 798
Goal: 800+ by 2019
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Re: Which Travel Rewards Card

With that criteria I would do the skymiles. It does limit you to Delta, but I like Delta personally.
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Re: Which Travel Rewards Card

Thank You Preferred isn't a travel rewards card really.  Only transfer to JetBlue at a fairly poor rate and a 2% cashback card would be far more rewarding for everyday spend.

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