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Which card for max rewards?

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Which card for max rewards?

I made some mistakes in the past with cc usage, but I am now ready to start using them reponsibly like I used to.


Been so long since I tried to maximize the rewards of my cards, was wondering if I can get a little guidance as to which of my current cards should I use to maximize rewards, here is my list:


  1. Chase United
  2. Chase SP
  3. Discover
  4. Amex Zinc 
  5. Amex Hilton Honors
  6. Amex Blue
  7. BoA Cash Rewards
  8. Citi Forward
  9. Citi ThankYou

Should I PC any of these for a better one? Probably cash back is what I am looking for, thanks!

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Re: Which card for max rewards?

It's impossible to answer your question without knowing how much you typically spend in each possible category.

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Re: Which card for max rewards?

Do any of your cards charge an annual fee?

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