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Which cards to focus on for auto cli? Does anyone use CEFCU???

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Which cards to focus on for auto cli? Does anyone use CEFCU???

Hello all! 

I am currently hitting the garden hard here and am not applying or taking a hp for any new cards for the next year including the navy card once my card graduates (this one will be my biggest temptation :/) I currently put a lot of spend on my Amex and chase freedom and pif every month. I got an auto cli on my freedom unlimited from $500-$1000 after three months of use so I switched my spend to my freedom to hopefully replicate this. Also, I have put a lot of spend through Amex as well and am requesting my cli on May 25th which would be my 65th day of having the newest card and am going for $2k-$6k and then switching limits with my everyday card to have the higher limit on that one. 

now once my next chase statement passes (5th) and my Amex cli is either approved or declined I am switching my spend over to some other cards more evenly. Which cards do you think I would have the best shot at a cli on? I was thinking of putting some spend on my quicksilver since my only cli decline reason was due to low spend on the card and hoping for a decent (for capital one) increase to get it more in line with my higher limits. 
Also does anyone have any experience with CEFCU? Do you know if they do any soft pull CLIs? If so then I will definitely be switching over spend onto this card as well to hopefully get one of those as well. I just really want my profile to at least get every card to a minimum of $1500. Once I get a mortgage I am planning on closing my CEFCU card assuming cli and most likely my capital one cards assuming again no CLI and the applying for a nfcu card to kind of boost my profile and then shoot for the Amex gold once this reports. 
basically I am asking for advice on where to allocate spend to maximize my potential credit limit increases? 

thanks in advance! 

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Re: Which cards to focus on for auto cli? Does anyone use CEFCU???

I have none of your cards. however am old and wise !

Use your cards for best rewards and benefits.

Do not put spend that you could get 5% rewards on a 1.5% card trying to get them to like you.

CL increases, scores, better cards comes with age and "Normal" use.

You will waste time and money trying to "Game" the system.

Just garden and use the cards you have for your real, normal spend.


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