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Which credit card...? Any suggestions?

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Which credit card...? Any suggestions?

Not sure which score this is but on Equifax website my score is shown as 673, Experian 670, Transunion 672 


I have two late payments on an auto loan I co-signed for because my ex and I broke up and she stopped paying.  I got the car back and am now up to date with payments and will re-fi in my own name.


I opened an AMEX gold card and AMEX ED card about a month ago but they only hit Experian.  I applied and got shot down for cards at NFCU but I've overdrawn there alot etc. (but that's not on credit report).


Other than that I have no inquiries on Equifax and I know alot of CC companies use them.  


My question is which card should I apply for to get the highest CL?

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Re: Which credit card...? Any suggestions?

Let the Amex cards age for about 6 months to a year. During that time look at your finances and see where do you spend most of your money. Once that's determined look for a card that provides some type of way rewards value in those categories whether it be cash back, points etc. Don't just go looking for a card for high CL. Look for something that will actually fit your spend.
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Re: Which credit card...? Any suggestions?

Listen to the clown.  Good advice.

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Re: Which credit card...? Any suggestions?

Krusty is wise Krusty will not let you float down thereSmiley Wink
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