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Which credit card for my score?

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Which credit card for my score?

Hi all,

This is my first post and have been reading a ton of information regarding similiar situation I a currently am in. 


Currently hold an EX score of 629.


Breakdown of credit report:

Capital one : $3,500 used of $3,500 opened: 2-2011(paid more than half and waiting for closing statement to show up on report tomorrow 9.12.12)

Student Loan: $16,500 balance remaining opened: 08-2007

Capital one (Orchard Bank: $300 limit (0 balance) opened: 6-2008

Capital one (MC Rewards Zone): $800 (0 balance) opened: 11-2008

First Savings CC: $550 (0 balance) opened: 8-2009

Credit One Bank: $850 (0 balance) opened: 5-2009

Macys: $1,500 (0 balance) opened: 6-2008


I was hit in begining 2008 with 2 charge-off: Capital One and Macys. Chase card was paid for legall amount on the record but doesn't show Charge-Off mark. 


What are some good credit cards to open now that time has passed by. Currently my score is not the highest and am showing 2 inquires: (Capital One for $3,500, and tried to apply for Citi but got deneid). 


Was searching and wanted a Chase Freedom card or possibly another Capitalone Cash Rewards. A bit tired of having low limit cards since my income is hoovering a bit over $70K. 


All the accounts above have been paid on time. Wish I could boost my score high to mid-600's. 


I was thinking AMEX, but know I will be denied for Blue and need a card which will be to my advantage- don't really care about points or rewards, but searching for a card which will show high available credit. 


Opinions would be gladly appreciated. 




|Chase Freedom: $2K| CHASE SP $5K| AMEX (BCP): $4K| AMEX (BSP) $5K| Capital One Platinum: $3.5K| Capital One $2K| First Savings CC: $800 (closing this month)| Credit One Bank: $1,225.00 (closing this month)| BB RZ MC $1K|
Beg. Score: 589
Curent Score: 709 (09/06/2013)
Goal: 720
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Re: Which credit card for my score?

With a 629 fico you will probably have a tough time getting approved by any prime lender. I'm curious as to where you received your ex score (the citi denial maybe? If you got it from citi than it is an actual fico score) as it could be a fako (non fico) score that is not used by lenders. The scores sold on this site are true fico (equifax moreso than transunion) models and will give you a clear picture as to where exactly you stand. 


Also take a look at to see what other people in your score range have been approved for. 


Paying down your balance on the 3500 cap one card to under $350 if possible would also have an extremely beneficial effect on your score, and would improve your chances of getting a card with a prime lender 

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