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Which creditors want a balance to report?

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Which creditors want a balance to report?

I received a letter from Amex today. In the letter they apologized and said due to an error they forgot to include my FICO score and information about my APR when they sent the card so they were sending it now. In the FICO breakdown Amex said one of the things negatively impacting my score is too many accounts with balances. I was wondering which lenders want my balance on their card to report and which ones don't mind. I have 4 cards and my goal is to only have one of them report a balance but I feel like some lenders will get pissy about it. My guess is of the cards I have only Citi would mind about my balance not reporting. Or do the lenders not really care?

Scores: EX - 769 (Amex FICO 5/21/16) TU - 763 (Discover FICO - 4/30/16), EQ - 795 (Citi FICO - 5/24/16)
Current Cards: Amex BCE - 10k, NFCU cashRewards Sig - 8k, Discover It - 10k, Citi Dividend WE - 8k, Chase Freedom - 4k, Chase Amazon Visa Sig - 4k
Last App: 3/4/2016.
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Re: Which creditors want a balance to report?

No one really cares. Individual lenders can see your activity even if you pay before statement closes. 


From the ones you have, the only one I've read that "cares" is Discover. Someone cited something like that Discover looks at balance or statement activity for CLI (per csr).

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