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Which secured cards are BK friendly?

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Re: Which secured cards are BK friendly?

I immediately applied and got approved with two credit unions for a secured credit card, immediately after my BK discharged.  Also, Cap One is awesome in that they approved me not too long after for their basic unsecured card.  Then after a year later got approved for a 0% interest quick silver Cap one card.  So i opened a online savings with them since they were good to me and was offering a bonus.  i opened a 10k savings account for 3 months and got $100 free.  I am grateful for Cap one and will remember them and highly recommend for those building their credit.  its been 5 years since bk discharged and i am still getting declined from bbva compass, and other banks.  Especially banks who have business emphasis, they frown heavily on BKs.  

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