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Who does Belk frequently pull from?

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Who does Belk frequently pull from?

I live in Alabama.  Does anyone know who Belk typically pulls their scores from?  I've heard TU a lot, my EQ is the lowest.  I have two Capital One cards ($300 & $500 Limits) and one Orchard Bank ($300 Limit - that I want to cancel, its at 29% APR & they won't lower it) and wanted to get a store only card for variety and to use occassionally to increase credit.  In 2008 my scores hit an ultimate low, I had my Bank of America ($2500 Limit), Zales ($500 Limit) and JC Penney ($200 Limit) all canceled and have rebuilt back from that with just an Orchard Bank and Capital One Cards.

Starting Score: 478 EQ, 485 TU, ??? EX
Current Score: 558 EQ, 639 TU, 630 EX
Goal Score: 720 EQ, 720 TU, 720 EX

Latest Approval: Capital One Platinum 08/2010 - 0% APR til 7/2011, 14.9% After

Goal: Acquire ~$150K home loan 05/2011 with FICO +720
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Re: Who does Belk frequently pull from?

GEMB who underwrites Belk cards usually pulls TU.

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