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Who does Military Star (AAFES) report to?

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Who does Military Star (AAFES) report to?

I have a couple of Military Star accounts that only show on my EQ.  Do they report to the other bureaus?  Or just EQ?
(FYI, I'm no longer active duty, but would love for these accounts to report to the other 2 because they were opened in the early 90s.)
Edited:  Just called and found out that they report to all 3.  For some reason, my accounts only report to EQ.  Anyone know of any tricks I can use to get them them onto TU & EX?  Both accounts are positive, open, no lates.  I don't have cards for them because back then, they were AAFES and I got out in '97.  I don't even have the full account numbers.

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Re: Who does Military Star (AAFES) report to?

My acct is reporting to all three CRA.  I haven't done anything special, it has always shown on all 3.

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