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Who gives the highest CLs?

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Re: Who gives the highest CLs?

I think OP is interested in highest "initial" CL's.  Most prime cards will grow over time if you are prudent in their use and payment.  But some CCC's have a better record for higher than average initial CL's.


The CL's I listed were my highest "initial" or opening CL's.



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Re: Who gives the highest CLs?

Well aisde from tx that knows, Barclays bank offered me a rather LARGE CL, tied to another financial instrument long story never got it Father didnt want me to and his word goes. Its on the UBS.COM website, but i think you have to be a customer, dont know if PVT Wealth management and regular trading offer both cards. My classmate at Stanford has one, she just went to a UBS Investments office with her 6k she had saved put into a portfoliio to grow, and got a similar Barclays Visa not AMEX one, for 3,500 she had no credit prior to that its pretty too!
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Re: Who gives the highest CLs? Thats the link if anyone is interested, you can open one I just called my Money Manager with 2,000.00 not that bad, UBS is a good bank! Plus you get a pretty card!
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Re: Who gives the highest CLs?

I just applied for the Chase Southwest Airlines card.  I've flown them a bit for work and was booking more personal flights... 


I got an instant approval for $2000.00, however, about 5 days later, I got an email congratulating my approval and... it noted a $20,500.00 credit line!!!!  No kidding!  At first, I thought it was some sort of typo, but the card just came in the mail and it's definitely at 20k+. Smiley Very Happy


One thing too keep in mind - they do charge an annual fee (of $59.00), which I am really against, but I overlooked that because they give me two flight credits (you need 16 for a free round-trip ticket) each anniversary.

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Re: Who gives the highest CLs?

That's a nice limit, stonewell!  Congrats, and welcome to the forums!


I''ve considered app'ing for this card.  I like Southwest as an airline, and could use the free flights (to Vegas, of course!), but I'm not a big fan of Chase these days.  That's the only thing holding me back.






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