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Who hasn't been AA'd at all yet?

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Re: Who hasn't been AA'd at all yet?

Nothing for me yet, though my two revolving credit cards are both Secure cards. I don't think they can CLD me when I have plunked down cash to have a specific credit limit.


I'm slightly concerned that Sears would CLD me for not using my account as often as they would probably like. On average maybe $15/month and always PIF.

8/27/10 -

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Re: Who hasn't been AA'd at all yet?

Wife called for a replacement GEMB/JCP card that wasn't used in about 5 years.  They hadn't close the account, and just kept reporting as Current every month.  Asked for a CLI at the time, CL went from $224 to $1000.
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Wife's FICO Scores, 7/10/09: TU:??? EQ:634 EX: ???
Wife's FICO Scores, 2/13/09: TU:??? EQ:604 EX: 630
Wife's FICO Scores, 2/05/09: TU:??? EQ:592 EX: 630
My FICO Scores, 6/19/09: TU:757 EQ:744 EX:758 (all from MB; EQ Agrees)
My FICO Scores, 3/29/09: TU:755 EQ:746 EX: ???
My FICO Scores, 2/05/09: TU:??? EQ:730 EX: 720
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Re: Who hasn't been AA'd at all yet?

No AA's as of yet - total TL's 14 cc's, 3 store, 1 charge. I currently have 2 cards with BT's all others I rotate usage and PIF. Rec'd the following CLI's recently -

Oct: Chase Disney +10k (hard) and Paypal MC +1.25k (soft) on Paypal MC.

Nov: US Bank +1.5k(soft) and Discover +3k (hard).


Amex revolvers no CLD even with the BT balances on CIti (2 offers: 0% thru Aug 2009 & 3.99 Life) and BOA (0% thru 5/2009). I pay about 5x the min on each card per month. My goal with the BT's was to establish a strong payment history (which is working), Citi card opened 12/07 and BOA 03/08.


Now if you should ask about the state of my 401k - that's another matter....Smiley Sad


Good Luck to All as we navigate through this banking mess!



01/04/10 TU 778 EQ 731
08/05/09 TU 762 EQ 722
02/12/09 TU 722 EQ 704 EX 690
EQ sensitive to inqs & student loan.
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