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Who have YOU blacklisted?

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Who have YOU blacklisted?

Which card companies do you refuse to do business with?


Barclay (stingy with the CLI even after years of on time payments and never getting close to my limit)

Capital One (won't grow with you, won't PC you, won't CLI you)

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Re: Who have YOU blacklisted?

I don't want to give any business to Cap One because of a past dispute; however, if they do the 100,000 mile bonus again, I'll apply for a Venture card, redeem the bonus, and sock-drawer the card (after any spend necessary to get the bonus).  I suspect that the CLI policies are different for their prime cards, but I might not use the card enough to ever find out.  There have been a few people that have reported getting customer initiated CLIs on their excellent credit products when they were denying them to everyone with their rebuilder cards.  

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Re: Who have YOU blacklisted?

I don't ever plan on apping for a Cap 1 card, unless my credit takes a dump. Another reason is the triple pull...However, I am very happy with my Cap 1 PlayStation card...rewards add up real fast based on how you use it...3K limit and no AF.


I'll add BoA to the list. Banked with them for 13 years and I felt like a nobody.


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Re: Who have YOU blacklisted?

Chase.  They really screwed me over way back when the chips were down.  Now I won't do business with them.  Of course, it helps that they don't have a compelling product.  Smiley Happy

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Re: Who have YOU blacklisted?

Wells Fargo and TCF Bank.


I blame them both for being the pioneers in the gotcha fee based checking account systems that are everywhere today.

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Re: Who have YOU blacklisted?

Chase.  Have an old credit card (been closed and paid off for years), 3 late payments (30 day) in the last 5 years because of address changes that they wont do in their system.


Asked for a goodwill removal given the circumstances, they said no.  Wrote a letter, they said no.  Emailed CEO and VP of credit card division, was called by a member of executive customer service.


Explained that I had taken my $35K auto loan away from them, and that my mortgage ($175K for 30 years) I had not given them an opportunity, and that I was getting ready to re-finance mortgage and would not plan to let them bid on the business, and also mentioned that I was shopping around for a new visa card and would not be giving them an opportunity...


unless they accepted some responsibility and removed those late payments from my credit report.


Their response was to tell me that the late payments were valid, didnt matter that they shared liability, and told me that they had no interest in my business in the future.



So I will give them exactly what they asked for.

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Re: Who have YOU blacklisted?


Wells Fargo  -- charged a $100 fee to proccess a bank sweep... they see the same form letter all day long, it shouldn't cost $100, my credit union only charged me $35, way to kick someone when they are down.


Bank of America - too many horror stories for too little positives. 


TCF Bank - had my primary checking and savings at the bank went there every week to deposit my check, it was a long time ago... didn't have my ID with me one day and they refused to accept my withdrawl slip they knew me, closed account a week later never looked back. 


CapOne prime cards - 3 HP's is too much once you are prime. 


Boarderline black listed 


Barclays -  Too sensitive to new credit, but will probably sign up for an NFL card for $200 and won't use it much, if they close it down... oh well.. 10 years of positive history plus $200 for a HP



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Re: Who have YOU blacklisted?

Bank of America.

Can't wait to close that card down in January.

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Re: Who have YOU blacklisted?

I do not discriminate, im an equal opportunity borrower. Smiley Tongue


Seriously, I don't know. I would not apply to First Premier and the like, but as far as the other lenders such as Chase, Amex, etc. Don't think I really have one.

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Re: Who have YOU blacklisted?

BOA and CapitalOne - their random balance chasing is what forced me to file BK.


First Premier and CreditOne - not blacklisted, they served a purpose but I'm done with them.


Banks in general (except USAA), I'm a dedicated Credit Union customer.

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