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Why Your Credit Card Limits Are Low

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Re: Why Your Credit Card Limits Are Low

EVERYONE'S EXPERIENCES ARE DIFFERENT. No one has the same goals or aspiration with cards. Some forum users rebuild, some have built. Other chase SUB's, points, and miles and have fun doing it. Others want Balance transfer to put large purchases and get discounts while at it. SOme just use credit cards as an instrument to pay for goods and services and could care less for rewards or status(like most businesses). example, my last company had a custom card(logo and reward system) with BOA and employees put procurement and travel expenses on it and we would put several thousands past the limit on them since it was paid off monthly.

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Re: Why Your Credit Card Limits Are Low


They need to understand that my post are based off my experience, my income, my credit report.

Just giving methods that work for me.

Please do consumers really believe to achieve the same goal as doctors, lawyer, entertainers, professional athletes, actors/actresses, and etc. why because their income is most likely 150K+ and that's on the low end. thats like saying I want to buy a house for 750K and have a salary of 50K.

if people are considering that means everybody, I will make my post more clear and direct from now on.

because everyone should know what applies to them and their finances.

But there's no garden bunnies in here. and most likely that comment about garden bunnies is directed more toward the young adults. Majority Season Credit Card Vets will avoid this problem, in my opinion. and that could be a false statement? and that was based off my personal experience on having 20 cards at 18 and tank my credit to a whopping 430.......
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Re: Why Your Credit Card Limits Are Low

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