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Why did Discover issue refund?

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Re: Why did Discover issue refund?

I finished up a BT with the final payment in June. My card is on a zero-percent purchases year that expires in August, so no interest on purchases, Q2 wasn't interesting, ended up never using it for gas, other cards give points on Lyft/Uber. Card went to zero for that June 17 statement.


I started using the Discover again for dining, and first transaction was 16 July, for $1.20. The statement date is 17 July, and since the $1.20 was the only amount that posted, the statement printed with a Small Balance Credit immediately provided, zero due. There was nearly $7 of Pending transactions on 16 July also, but those were disregarded in the automation to zero the statement amount.


Discover acts pretty quickly. Smiley Very Happy

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Re: Why did Discover issue refund?

For first time in awhile, my 8k Disco has no bt offersSmiley Wink.
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