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Why get a GE credit card?

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Re: Why get a GE credit card?

Fico2Go wrote:

Jamesdwi, do you know which GE product carries a VISA logo?  


I know of only one ..GE/Old Navy.  


You got me sold on this part..


>>>>GE Walmart and Sam's club card offer  $20-$100 over the amount of purchase at there respective stores, no cash advance fee, no special rates just treated like a regular purchase for the most part.>>>>>>>


Unfortunately those are powered by discover which  I currently have.  


There's a few GECRB CC's that are on the Visa payment network, such as GAP Visa, Banana Republic Visa, AEO Visa, Chevron/Texaco Visa, etc.  Their most recent acquired card program was the Ebates Visa which comes in two flavors - Platinum and Signature.  Otherwise, all of their Visa/MC cards are only offered in Platinum versions - no Signature and no WMC/WEMC.

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Re: Why get a GE credit card?

GE has lots of retail cards, so it's easier to get to start building credit.

I just got a GE card just few days ago Lowes, which happened a card I wanted and I would have applied regardless of the lender.

Lots of cards and counting !!
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