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Will BofA Give me a Second Chance?

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Will BofA Give me a Second Chance?

Hello All. 


Over the last year and a half I have been working very diligently on my credit files. I have gone from an average score of 460 to 650 in the last year and a half. And am in the middle of escrow on my first home! Things are going well, but there is one sore spot I would still like to fix.


I had a BofA Credit card that I opened with them when I first opened my checking and savings accounts with them, back then I was stupid with my cards spent way more then i should have. Anyway that account got charged off over a year ago. I ended up settling the card and paying it. And it is one of the last major derogs on my reports. However, I would really like to get another card with Bank Of America, As I do all my banking with them with the exception of my pending mortgage.


After I get the keys to my home is it worth aping for a secured card or regular card from BofA or will they not forgive me until the old account I had with them is off my report?


Thanks for the help! 

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Re: Will BofA Give me a Second Chance?

I am in your boat only a little further along.


3 years ago, BofA cancelled my card with them.  I paid it off, all was happy.  a year ago, BofA charged off my checking account.  Three months later, I paid up the bad debt, and reestablished accounts with them.  I just recently applied for a secured card with them, since I had all the collections and derogs cleared from my CR.


I was declined to my astonishment.  I called for a Recon, and was informed that my credit wasnt really preventing me from the card, but rather that my delinquent history with BOFA was preventing me from holding a card.  Secured cards arent actually eligible for a recon, so their hands were tied.  Do not apply for a secured, apply unsecured, and if you are denied, speak to a rep about it.  That way they have ability to review ur app.


Further, I was told by a few reps that I would have the best luck sitting down with a bank rep at my local branch to apply.  In all cases where I needed stuff sorted out, they were usually more helpful face-to-face.


When calling and trying to rectify my charge-off, I was treated like a number-a deadbeat.  Then I went in branch asking to open an account, and once they learned about my past delinquency, they were MORE than helpful in facilitating payment and removing me from chex-system.


Good luck, and keep us posted!

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Re: Will BofA Give me a Second Chance?

BofA was on the forefront of  extending credit to illegal immigrants. One would hope they would give a US citizen a second chance.
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