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Will Capital One Reconsider?

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Will Capital One Reconsider?

I just applied for (and was denied) a Capital One Standard Platinum Credit Card.


The denial letter states the reasons as:

- TransUnion, too many delinquents

- TransUnion, lack of recent revolving account information

- Experian, insufficient experience with high lines of credit

- TransUnion, number of accounts


It also said: If you feel you have additional information you wish to sumit to us that might influence our decision, feel free to write to us. I was just approved for the BOA 99/500 card, which doesn't show on my reports yet, so I was thinking of mentioning that as recent experience. I have had a lot of collections, but they are all paid, and other than the new BOA card, I only have one open account. It's for my car loan, opened 03/2007 and never paid late. Has anyone had any luck getting them to reconsider an initial denial?


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Re: Will Capital One Reconsider?

I had no luck with reconsider with capital one.
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Re: Will Capital One Reconsider?

Neither did I. In fact I have had no luck with anyone. Smiley Sad

"Evacuate, in our moment of triumph? I think you overestimate their chances."
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