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Will Citi MC report to all 3 CRA now "reopened"? TL deleted from EQ

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Will Citi MC report to all 3 CRA now "reopened"? TL deleted from EQ

My DH has  a citi MC opened 1994, CL $18k.  The account was unused for so long that each of the CRA was reporting it as closed.


Last month I got a new card issued for him and the account was "reopened".   I now have set up a couple of recurring small charges on there (netflix etc) to keep the account active.


I had disputed the TL online with EQ to get the closed status changed to open - and the result of the dispute was that EQ deleted the entire TL. 


So here is the question.  

As the account really  is now open and being used actively - EX shows the most recent balance of $19 - will the TL pop back up on EQ.


And, how do I get EX and TU to change the status again to open?  (now gun shy of disputing with CRA's).






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Re: Will Citi MC report to all 3 CRA now "reopened"? TL deleted from EQ

I had the same situation with twice.  Once with CapOne (removed from EX) and once with BoA (removed from TU).


Each time, it required me calling the CCC and asking them to "reinsert" the account.  EQ is pretty easy about reinserts.  If you needed to reinsert TU, I would have to tell you to get ready for hell to freeze over....tough to get it done with you lucked out that it is EQ, the loose goose when it comes to this.


While it is possible the account will show back up, it might not, so you should just call the CCC for reinsert.

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