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Will I qualify for USAA secured?

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Will I qualify for USAA secured?

I know they pull EQ. My FICO is 632.

AAofA is 5 years

Utilization is around 10%


The Negatives:

Paid judgment 2010

Paid collection 2010 (see above)

unpaid collection (about to send a DV)

Multiple 30 day lates on auto loan PAID/closed 2009

1 Cap1 charge off & 2 HSBC charge offs-all paid


The Good:

Belk card- $400 CL opened 6/12

BofA secured card $500 CL opened 8/12

time share NEVER late -9 years old


I have read that I need 2-3 CC to rebuild. Don't want Cap1, obviously.

Was denied Wal-mart prior to getting my secured BofA


I think I am a partial member with USAA. Have the credit monitoring & just opened a small checking & savings with them.

Where should I go from here? Any card suggestions? Thanks in advance!

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Re: Will I qualify for USAA secured?

AFAIK Secured CCs aren't an option for partial members. Id call their cs to be sure of thatfirst.

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Re: Will I qualify for USAA secured?

I'm going to get the insurance first & become a full member before I apply.

If I apply for the regular card, they may counter with the secured, right?


Any other store or CC recommendations?

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Re: Will I qualify for USAA secured?

They countered with a secured card when I was denied a USAA amex. I had a similar score to yours but no recent derogatory.
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Re: Will I qualify for USAA secured?

Wait so you have 5 major derogs, 1 judgement, multiple lates and you have a 632 EQ FICO? Wow I hate FICO sometimes..

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