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Will I see much of jump?

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Re: Will I see much of jump? **update**

Just an update since my last post:


I paid my cc down to $163.00 ($1000.00 limit) previous month balance was $642.00.  My TU score went from 561 to 593.... just wish I could get out of the 500's!!  I am trying so hard to get to 620 so that I will qualify for a FHA loan!  EQ, hasn't shown any change yet (572)..


If I pay down my unsecured loan ($2400.00) would that help any??  Most of all I want to say thanks to all who reply or even read my post!! 


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Re: Will I see much of jump? **update**

Congrats! I hope fico is as good to dh as it was to you, we have paid down a lot this month and also hoping to see a big score boost, but only time will tell. Anywho-congrats!!! And please keep everyone posted if you decide to pay down the loan and how it affected your score.
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