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Will Walmart/Discover switch be hard inquiry???

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Will Walmart/Discover switch be hard inquiry???

Hi there!  DH and I both have Walmart store cards, and we received letters today saying that within 45 days they would be "automatically upgraded" to Walmart Discover cards (which maintain the WM account info, but can be used anywhere Discover is accepted).  There was nothing in the literature indicating whether this would involve any credit inquiry, so I called WM customer service and got a youngish-sounding girl who didn't seem to fully understand the difference between hard and soft inquiries, but after putting me on hold said that this wouldn't affect my credit at all.  I asked again, "So you're saying this will NOT involve an inquiry on my credit?" She said no, this was an automatic upgrade.  We keep $0 balances, so I wonder if they're hoping if they give us a more versatile card, we'll run up a balance...


We are trying to avoid ANY hard inquiries on our credit until next spring when we want to apply for a mortgage, so I'm concerned.  The letter included said that UNLESS we call and reject the offer, they will be automatically upgraded.  Are they even legally allowed to do a hard inquiry without our express permission, or are we giving express permission if we don't reject the offer?  I'm thinking no, but hoping someone here knows for sure.  I wouldn't mind having the Discover instead of the plain WM, mainly because I think it will hold more clout if anyone examines my CR (I have a regular Discover card already, so maybe I'm wrong here, and having 2 is just overkill?). 


Any opinons on what we should do here?  Thanks in advance!!

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Re: Will Walmart/Discover switch be hard inquiry???

lol. Don't panick. Smiley Happy It was a soft pull and they are giving you a upgrade for being a great customer.

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Re: Will Walmart/Discover switch be hard inquiry???

It was a SP, but if you accept the offer to upgrade your store card will be closed, and a new TL will be added for your discover card and that can hurt your AAoA, so there is a reason to decline the offer. Of course it mostly only effects instant approvals, any manual reviews will see that your card upgraded or you can mention the fact and it won't be considered a negative. 



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Re: Will Walmart/Discover switch be hard inquiry???

yes your aaoa might take a hit depending on what it looks like 

but your walmart tl will still report good for 10 years. so by that time your other tl will be nice and aged. 

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Re: Will Walmart/Discover switch be hard inquiry???

I don't think your AAoA will be affected at all. It's still the same card...same account number only with one added perk...a Discover logo on it accepted anywhere Discover card is accepted. Walmart is giving you an upgrade so it was definitely a soft pull. They issued the upgrade based on your account history.

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Re: Will Walmart/Discover switch be hard inquiry???

How long did you have the walmart card if you dont mind me asking?

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Re: Will Walmart/Discover switch be hard inquiry???

I've only had it for a year.  I'm a little nervous about the AAOA thing, because right now mine is only 4 years, so I don't want that to take a hit.  But if it's still considered the same card and wouldn't be, I'd rather have the Discover.  Hmmmm....

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Re: Will Walmart/Discover switch be hard inquiry???

They usually give you a CLI when they upgrade the card (it may be a small one, but every dollar counts for utilization). People report that the CLI's with the Discover card are higher than those granted on the regular Walmart card. Mine only recently was upgraded (8/12), and I had the card 5 yrs before they upgraded mine, so you must be doing something right.

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Re: Will Walmart/Discover switch be hard inquiry???

As others have stated it is SP.

It also will be a new account and old with close (all info is the same and as other poster stated) I agree that you could really explain to anyone looking that isn't instant that they can easily see if looking the same account info for the now 2 walmart tradelines.  I would not worry about your AA.  I have never seen an upgrade from the store to the Visa/Amex/Discover depending on store backed by GE that did not get $1k+ and in most cases I have seen over $3k CLI upon the upgrade from store to the visa/amex/discover. WAY WORTH IT!

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Re: Will Walmart/Discover switch be hard inquiry???

As far as the original question goes, like others have said, no, it will not be a hard inquiry.  I don't know if it's even always a soft inquiry (though I'm pretty sure it is most of the time lol).  


As far as account numbers staying the same, nope, I was offered the upgrade around may, and put off taking it for fear of what it might do to my AAoA.  I finally decided to take the offer after calling in.  I didn't get a CLI, they only guaranteed me it would at least match my current CL.  I'm looking at both cards right now and the numbers are completely different. I can still look at both accounts online even though the old store card is closed, I can also still check my TU under that account as I haven't signed up for online statements with the new card yet.


On my new WD it states "Member Since 2009" but only lists payment history of 4 months (longer than it's been active) on my CRs.  It did dent my AAoA by a few  months or so but I have around 17 accounts, so it wouldn't  make much of a dent due to averages.  I think I went from 5 years 7 months to 5 years 2 months for AAoA but don't remember off hand.


On my CR it also shows my old card as closed due to product change or something of that order and shows all my old perfect history with the card.

But no, you are not guaranteed a CLI with the upgrade.

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