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Will i get a better cli this way?

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Re: Will i get a better cli this way?

@LauraC wrote:

@Saeren wrote:

@LauraC wrote:

@Saeren wrote:


Discover... nobody knows. I doubt they even know. 


Haha, yeah, I've called Discover and asked them a few times about the cli secret and they won't tell me. They also state that they are not allowed to give advice and refer me to seek out a credit counselor if I felt I needed it, lol. (I don't need counseling, just the "magic cli bullet".)  

I think they do it like PenFed does approvals. Monkeys and a dart board. Smiley Wink

....oops, delete my comeback (not nice)  Isn't there a thread about Discover and datapoints on here somewhere?

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Re: Will i get a better cli this way?

@Saeren wrote:

Yes! thank you.  

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