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Will they cancel my Best Buy?

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Re: Will they cancel my Best Buy?

l9ikjam wrote:
I'm glad I seen this thread. I got the card in I think Feb because I needed a new computer.I got the balance back to zero by the due date and haven't used it since. I guess I can go and buy some blank dvds

Ya know?! What do you do with the thing after you've made the purchase you went into the store for?
Little DVR tapes for camcorders/6-pk/ $35 at Best Buy. $18 at Wal-Mart.
Go to CNET and Consumer reports on-line and read about what's the hotest then go to Best Buy to look at the top three, if they have them, then go to Beach Camera to have the same thing delivered to your door bor %30 less. Doh!
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