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With recent approvals and score increases, I need to make a plan

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With recent approvals and score increases, I need to make a plan

I just experienced my first report cleaning up and have added a couple cards today.  I would appreciate some opinions on what to do next with a couple unused cards.  My goal is to have 8-12 personal cards with higher limits and eliminate any unused sock drawered cards.  There is no Mortgage need coming so that is out of the way due to it being in DW's name with me only on the deed. 


Current cards are in my sig but I specifically need help deciding when and if to close the following:


  1. Apple Federal CU Secured Card $2k:  My old plan was to upgrade this and keep the history.  It would be a TU HP for a card I won't likely use. There is big limit potential though.  (this card no longer keeps history after getting approved for a new card.  I will close it)
  2. Ollo Card:  I have used this card exactly once 15 months ago.  I would rather close it rather than having them do it. Closed, 5-12-2021
  3. Discover IT, was secured $1.5k:  This will never grow as it gets a monthly Dunkin charge at best.  Not sure about the potential combining but it is really sock drawered forever at this point.  (Decided to put some spend on it for a couple months and see if they give me a CLI.  Lack of use is their only excuse right now)

I will likely keep the Good Sam to see how large I can grow it, and the Ebay card gets some rewards.  I will try to grow the NFCU cards with the goal being a 80k Flagship at some point before I mosey off this blue sphere.



Goal Cards for when EX and EQ are clean:

AOD 3% once EQ Clears up and if it still exists

The Affinity FCU card seems like a good one.


Maybe something else exciting pops up later this year.  Any travel is likely covered by the big spend on AMEX Gold and Plat Business cards with 400k+ MR points in a year.  I bet I could grow a personal AMEX card after EX cleans up.  Otherwise, I am not a big Bank Person and I dislike Chase (no offence to any cardholders)


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No PG Biz Credit in Order of Approval - Uline, Quill, Grainger, SupplyWorks, MSC, Amsterdam, Citi Tractor Supply Rev .8k, Amazon Net 55 $5.5k, NewEgg Net 30 10k, Richelieu 2k, Wurth Supply 2k, Global Ind 2k, Sam's Club Store 11.k, Shell Fleet 19.5k, Citi Exxon 2.5k, Dell Biz Revolving $15k, B&H Photo, $5k
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Re: With recent approvals and score increases, I need to make a plan

Sounds like closing 2 & 3 are a no brainer.


Congrats again on all your recent approvals Smiley thumbs up american flag.png

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