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Worst Credit Cards Known To Exist!?

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Re: Worst Credit Cards Known To Exist!?

First Premier since I had mine at a awesome 79% interest rate. also because good companies will often reject you for having them in your reports.

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Re: Worst Credit Cards Known To Exist!?

Koop10010 wrote:

+1 to the Visa Black Card.

Visa black isnt even a VISA SIG card with a $495 AF to boot

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Re: Worst Credit Cards Known To Exist!?

HiHiHiHiHiHi wrote:

I think the worst credit card is the Continental Finance Cerulean Discover. It has a $144 maintenance charge billed at $12 a month on top of that it also has a $75 annual fee. That is $214 dollars a year for a credit card with no rewards, 29.99% APR, and a $300 credit limit. Before you even receive the card you already owe them $87 and have a 29% UTL on the card.

UGH...CreditKarma "recommended" this card to me and I almost crapped my pants...I'm kinda shocked Continental Finance is still in business after all the crap they pulled the first time around.


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Re: Worst Credit Cards Known To Exist!?

CareCredit, for all the reasons detailed here:


The best financial vehicle available for medical expenses is a Health Savings Account (HSA), not one of these interest-beartrap credit cards where if you don't pay in full by the end of the promo 0% period you get jacked for all the retroactive interest.


Granted, not everyone can afford to save in advance for their healthcare, but even if you can't do an HSA because you can't afford it or the high-deductible health plan required is not right for your needs, there are credit cards available that can give you 0% interest without the stupid retroactive trap. CareCredit makes zero sense to me, and the shady practices of some medical practitioners who push it make me go "**bleep**?!?!?!?"


Honorable mention:


Visa Black Card - ridiculous lack of benefits for the AF; compare to the AmEx Platinum and just laugh.



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Re: Worst Credit Cards Known To Exist!?

Tommy5746 wrote:

So, what do you guys think are the worst credit card out there now? We all know that subprime and rebuiler cards are a no brainer when trying to choose the worst card.. But what about the worst PRIME credit card? Just because a credit card is prime doesnt mean its a good one! So what do you guys think is the worst prime credit card too??

The worst:  anything from Capital One or BoA.  (not based on my experience just from rumors).



The Worst Prime Cards:  "Rewards" Cards issued by USAA, cuz their "rewards" are absoulty sucky!

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