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Would anyone mind sharing with me?

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Re: Would anyone mind sharing with me?

Amex Delta = $336/8K

BoA Amex = $0/2.5K

Cabela Visa = $0/2K

Household MC = $150/1K

Hooters MC = $0/600

Citi Home Depot = $56/500

Merrick Bank Visa = $0/750

Walmart = $90/700



Starting Score: 8/2008 521
Current Score: 734
Highest Ever: 4/2009 759
Goal Score: 760+

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Re: Would anyone mind sharing with me?

woodstock wrote:
Thanks haulingthescoreup, it hasn't been easy.  I try not to think about what I could have done with all of the money that has been pissed away.
I just hope someone can benefit from my misfortune by not making the same mistakes I did.

You have the right attitude.  I am currently paying of what was nearly 29K in credit card debt and determined that in the last 14 months I have paid off over 30K, I have a 0% interest on purchases card that I continued to use when I didn't have the money, since all of my money was going towards CC debt.  This was all my fault, no one else is responsible, but the only time I get truly angry with myself is when I think about that that 30K could have been a nice down payment on a house.  

4/16/09: TU: 775, EQ: 805
2/11/09: TU: 773, EQ: 790, EX:790
11/16/08: TU: 773, EQ: 785, EX: 780
Goals for 2009: 0 Credit Card Debt & 0% Util (achieved 2/6/09), Mortgage! (achieved 11/2/09), getting closer to 800 scores (I crossed this earlier this year, but I'm sure I'm not there anymore!)
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