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Would getting a Freedom help me get a CSP later (within 6 months)?

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Re: Would getting a Freedom help me get a CSP later (within 6 months)?

if your worried about no forex fee you should try for the Amex Platinum easier to get in no Forex fee but high annual, but if Forex fee is your main concern you should be traveling a lot to justify the annual fee cost. $475 annual fee but $200 is waived off airline expenses like extra bags food and drinks etc. then gets you access to most lounges which is nice, and free global entry and with other travel perks American express Platinum is a great card, not to mention most people still believe if you have a Amex Platinum that your a top dog Smiley Wink they'll notice the metal of the CSP if they touch it but they'll notice the Amex Platinum and automatically see you as a successful personin most cases. I'm switching careers soon into accounting / finance and I was told to get a Amex Platinum just for this purpose. If you don't drive a Lexus/Mercedez/BMW they want to see you have something of material to trust you with their money. Kinda like how realestate agents usually have fancy cars, do you think they really like to drive everywhere on a expensive ass car? -_-; if it was my choice I would drive to meet clients in a prius and keep a nice car for personal lol. sad thing in this world there is so many misconceptions about what success is. But if you work it people will respect you for it evven if it is not justified

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Re: Would getting a Freedom help me get a CSP later (within 6 months)?

Maybe you can call them and see if they would approve the Freedom off the CSP hard pull (it has happened), since they said you should apply for a lesser product. Then, when you do apply for CSP, you can move the credit line over and close the Freedom (if you want, or if it is necessary to get to the 5k limit). Before people say they won't do it, I was able to get both Freedom and CSP on one hard pull in June.

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