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Wow walmart auto CLI

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Re: Wow walmart auto CLI

Yes  Walmart Neighborhood Market SUPERMARKET is the only place you can buy Walmart gift cards that's counts as grocery at 6% with AMex BCP.

I buy  $200-400 at a time and use it at Walmart, Sams Club and for Sams gas.

Lots of cards and counting !!
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Re: Wow walmart auto CLI

jamesdwi wrote:

Yes Sam's Club takes walmart cards and MC and DIscover, no visa or AMEX. 


Walmart takes everyone except maybe sam's credit card not sure just got my sam's credit card


I have a regular Sam's Club store card(not the Discover version), and I use it all the time at Wal-Mart.  I can even get WM gift cards to use at the Murphy gas station to get the discount. 

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