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Yay for me!!!! 2 down one more to go

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Yay for me!!!! 2 down one more to go

I tried to call the underwriters for US Bank (Kroger) to see if I could get a CLI but waited too long and got impatient so I called the number on the back of my cc and spoke to someone...well I requested a total line of $1,500 she submitted and said that it had to go to the underwrites but then said "oh wait it came back--YOUR APPROVED!! i SAID NO WAY-- she  said Yup it came back QUICK. It may have been something you were about to get anyway..WOW!! I am happy. I seriously was considering closing a few card which this card WAS one of them, Best Buy because of the A/F but she waived if for the year and ---CRAPITOL ONE!! I have been stuck @ $750  for the last couple of years. I tried last year to get a CLI and was told NO.. So now I am going to ask for one and get the AF taken off and it they don't do then BYE-BYE!! Gonna pay the balance off and move ahead Smiley Happy

Last app 10/12
**no app'ing till 10/14 or more***
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Re: Yay for me!!!! 2 down one more to go



BOA: 8.9k
CSP: 5k
Discover: 5k
Citi TY Preferd: 5k
Wally: 5k
JCP: 4.9k
citiForward: 4.7k
ChaseFreedom: 4.5k
DFS: 2k
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