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Yeah!! Target shows some luv!!

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Re: Yeah!! Target shows some luv!!

CLIs for Target vary. There's no pattern. Though the 3 consecutive months of a balance is a good theory. Never thought of that one before.
DW got a CLI on her first statement from $200 to $500. She went to purchase around $210 of items and was naturally declined. She returned some items to below $200 and the purchase was made. The next statement came with a CLI. She also got a soft pull that month.
On the otherhand, I get the card and PIF since November and nothing. I recent started letting a balance report. Am at month two doing that. I did call Target about CLIs. Of course they don't do it over the phone, but the reps don't even know when they come. Rep I talked to had the card for about 6 months before getting a CLI, but she shops at Target all the time. She did say your payment history does come into play.
I've read of people using the card one time for less than $100 and PIF, only to not use the card for months and suddenly they get a CLI 6-9 months later. I've read of people having the card for years with scores at or above 800 and still stuck with the $200. I have noticed that CLIs tend to come in batches every three months. There has been a flurry of CLI announcements over the past 2 weeks. If you look back 3 months ago, you'll see several posts about Target CLIs. DW and I have also received soft pulls every three months from Target. My observations anyway.
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Re: Yeah!! Target shows some luv!!

jamesb40517 wrote:
To answer your question, you must have THREE (3) CONSECUTIVE STATEMENTS WITH BALANCES.  Example:
Charge $100
Statement Cuts
Pay $50
                    Balance $50
Charge $50
Statement Cuts
Pay $75
                   Balance $25
Charge $75
Statement Cuts
Pay $50
                   Balance $50

are u sure that's true? I got my card in Dec of 06 and never let a balance hit. everytime i used it, i went straight to CS and PIF. I got the auto increase after 3 months also. Thing is, my credit score never moved. When I realized this at about the 5 month, i started letting a small balance report. that is when my score went up. I think as long as you use it in the 1st three months, you'll get the increase. IMHO.
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Re: Yeah!! Target shows some luv!!

I think you have to be holding your mouth right, apply for and receive a Wal-Mart Discover on a Tuesday, then use it at a Target the evening of the second Saturday following receipt of the card, then, if you have the proper amount of air in your right front tire, then and only then, you will get a CLI from Target.  IMHO....Smiley Tongue.
07/26/2007 TU-688
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