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Year in review. Cards approved and deleted

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Re: Year in review. Cards approved and deleted

11 cards acquired in 2018

4 cards that were acquired prior 2018 were closed.

Currently have 17 cards but will definitely be trimming down more next year.
Amex Green NPSL, Amex Hilton Surpass 5k, Amex Marriott Bonvoy 1k, AMEX BBP 1k, AMEX Biz Cash 6k, BOA Cash Rewards 5k, BOA Better Balance Rewards 2k, Care Credit 15k, Chase Amazon Visa 19.825k, Discover 11.8k, Discover 12.5k, Nordstrom Store 4.5k , Fidelity Visa 10k, Cap 1 QS 15k, Cap 1 Savor 10.5k, Citi Rewards+ 4.4k, Citi DC 8k, Citi Advantage Platinum 5.5k, US Cash+ 3.5k, Altitude Reserve 12.5k, Paypal Mastercard 4k, Apple Card 6.5k, Wells Fargo Cash Wise 5k, BOA Premium Rewards 8k, Citi AA Biz 1.5k, Flexperks Biz 3k
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Re: Year in review. Cards approved and deleted

I added nothing this year. Nada!!! That was my goal and I did it. 

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Re: Year in review. Cards approved and deleted

I'm not even going to try and remember the specifics. lol

I've added 12 cards this year, not all are in my signature. And closed a Chase Hyatt, Amex Delta Gold and a Paypal Mastercard. Also product changed my Citi AAdvantage to the Citi Dividend. Aswell as product changed a BCP to a BCE earlier in the year. Been a slow year for me as I have averaged around 15 new cards a year since getting into this credit game over 3 and a half years ago. 

I'm pretty sure, I'll add and close some more next year Smiley Tongue .Scores are still good. Most important for me, my credit profile is solid. 

My goal was to build payment/credit history with as many financial institutions as I could handle. I'm north of 20 different lenders now.


My most prized tradeline.
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Re: Year in review. Cards approved and deleted

@pinkandgrey wrote:

@Gmoney144 wrote:

@pinkandgrey wrote:

I’ve canceled a few recently—Walmart, Amazon, and Uber. Notable acquisitions are a US Bank Cash Plus and a Citi DC. 


May I ask what your stats were when you got the Ducks Unlimited card? I really want that one


I’m not sure which CRA was pulled. My fico ranges from 709-740.  I was denied 2 months ago when my score was in the mid 600s.  

Thanks! How many Inqs?  My scores are fairly close to yours but plenty of inqs recently...My inquiries range from 9-23 ....I was able to delete 14 from equifax .....

Amex GoldAmex Hilton Aspire 3.1k
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Re: Year in review. Cards approved and deleted

Longtime lurker but newish to the forums! Had an account previously but I had to create a new one because I couldn't log in to that one.

I came into 2018 with:

  • Citi Double Cash
  • Amex ED
  • Discover It
  • Chase Freedom
  • Chase Amazon Prime
  • WF Platinum Visa
  • Capital One QuicksilverOne
  • Local credit union card

New cards added in 2018 (all Amex cards applied for on the same day in November):

  • Amex Gold
  • Delta Gold Amex 
  • Amex BBP
  • Citi Best Buy Visa credit card (made a tv purchase and floating it over 24 months interest free)

I also was able to get the QuicksilverOne PC'd to a Quicksilver!


Was all over the place previously as far as my spending across cards but Amex Gold and Amex BBP are going to be my go to cards in 2019 so I can focus on building MR points. At this moment I honestly don't have any cards on my list to get in the next year.

Amex Gold / Amex BBP $2k / Delta Amex Gold $6.8k / Amex EveryDay $8k / Citi DoubleCash $5.2k / Citi Best Buy Visa $2k / Chase Freedom $3k / Chase Amazon Prime Visa $2k / Discover IT $2.2k / Capital One Quicksilver $3.5k / Wells Fargo Platinum Card $3.5k / Charlotte Metro Credit Union $5k
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Re: Year in review. Cards approved and deleted

Well, had over 30 cards which includes both personal and business coming into 2018.

This was a very unexpectedly active year for me. he he... these forums are a real bad influence Smiley Wink


This year aquired: Amex Simply Cash $18.9k SL

                                 Amex Cash Magnet $4k SL

                                  Amex HH Business $3k SL

                                  Chase Marriot Business $5k SL

                                  Commerece Bank STC $13K SL

                                  5/3 Bank SUTC $6.5K SL

                                   Hunnington Voice X2 $8K SL

                                   Wells Fargo Propel $3.5k SL

                                   Home Depot Commercial $4.9k SL

                                   State Farm Visa $6.9k SL

                                   PayPal 2% Mastercard $6k SL

                                   TD Aeroplan Visa $1.5k SL Smiley Mad (churner and burner no doubt)

                                   Alliant Rewards Visa $15k SL

 Made several attempts at gardening and it just never materialized. Biggest accomplish for me this year was actually getting NFCU to combine 2 cards for me into one massive limit. Even with all I have obtained, moving forward I see no need to carry some of these cards. Already have met bonuses on everything applied for this year. Goals next year will be to continue to drop utilization and eventually close:

Cap One Quicksilver $13.6k (26.49) APR

CiTi DC $26.5k (23.49) Apr

Blispay $5k (being proactive, avoiding the inevitable) 

BOA Cashrewards $34k (closing and combinig it with my Merrill Lynch) *might try to add one of thier business tradlines*)


Will eventually take my overall credit below $500k as all these above things fall into play. In the garden until 2020 when all final negatives fall off. Even with multiple apps this year my scores never really took major hits. Will continue to go after sp cli's from major lenders once I feel my lineup is right where I want it to be. 700's across the board if good enough for me. Smiley Wink






Starting FICO08 Scores 2016 All in the mid 500’s
Current FICO08 Scores Oct 2020 (TU 783) (EQ 771) (EXP 748)
$600k+ Tradelines in progress
Gardening until at least May 2021
“The credit is no longer bruised, it has endured the test of time” (formally know as bruisedcredit)
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Re: Year in review. Cards approved and deleted

I basically gardened all year up until this past Sunday. On Sunday, in order to accept my first ever Penfed offer after the score updates, I had to get a newer card because I was told my cash rewards card was being phased out and I couldn't put any increases on it. So, as of today, this card is closed, and on Sunday I switched to the Promise Visa and combined the limits.

Also on Sunday, I consolidated my Citi Thank You card into my Double Cash. I had to leave $2k on the T.Y. and then closed it.

That's my only action for this year with any thing new on Credit Cards. And only the one HP related to credit cards was it took a HP to consolidate those Citi cards, as it is considered a CLI.

Total Credit: $240,100Credit Utilization: 1%AAoA: 5 years, 7 monthsInstallments: Car Lease, Marcus LoanNegatives: 0

LOWES-35k | BOA-32.5k | AMEX-30k | DISC-27.1k | ALLIANT-25k | NFCU-25k | BARC-15k | BBUY-12k | CHASE-10k | WAL-10k | CITI-9.7k | PENFED-9.7k

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Re: Year in review. Cards approved and deleted

Starting 2018:


Cap1 "Platinum"- $2,500.  (now $4,500)

Chase Freedom - $1,500


Added in 2018:


Chase Amazon- $2500 (now $4,000, auto CLI)

Amex EveryDay- $5000 (now $12,000)


Chase Sapphire Preferred- $6,200

Citi DC- $3,000 (now $4,500)

Discover- $1000 (now $1,500)


Cap1 SavorOne- $20,000

Amex CashMagnet- $2,000



I didn't close any but a couple may be on the chopping block in 2019. The Chase Amazon card may be merged into the CSP and closed. The Amex Everyday card may end up merged into the Cash Magnet and closed.


Also, I'm crossing my fingers that Cap1 may let me merge the SavorOne into the old Platinum, keeping the spending limit and benefits of the new account but with the age of the older. I doubt they'll do this, but one can hope. 


In terms of regrets- in hindsight, I probably wouldn't have gotten the Amazon chase. I probably would have held off on getting the City DC since the Discover's first year is effectively 2% on everything. I also wish that Discover had been a little more generous on the starting limit. 


All in all, not a bad year going from mid 600s FICO to mid to high 700s (would be around 790 except for new account ages), and total spending limits going from ~$4,000 to around $55,000. Plan for 2019 is to weed out any extra accounts, try to increase limits to $5k- 10k on all cards, and maybe join the 800 club.

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Re: Year in review. Cards approved and deleted

2018 Acquisitions: 5 personal, 1 biz, 1 HP CLI

2018 Terminations: 1 closed (w/ CL transfer)


I had a geat credit year. I had only 1 FOMO app and it's on the 2019 chopping block. 

MMXX intentions: Do the work
My Garden Goal: 4/24 | Double NW

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Re: Year in review. Cards approved and deleted

In 2018 my stats are:




Ducks Unlimited

US Bank Cash+




CapitalOne BuyPowerCard

CapitalOne UnionPlus (Platinum)

Synchrony Chevron/Texaco


I do not see any adds or deletes in 2019 but you never know, tfotd may get me.

Starting Score: 697,722,705
Current Score: See Above
Goal Score: 775

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