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Year in review. Cards approved and deleted

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Year in review. Cards approved and deleted

As the end of the year nears, wanted to know everyone's experience acquiring or deleting credit card accounts. I started in February, on my day off, and happened on these forums while considering what to do about my student loans.  Here are my stats. 


Held prior to 2018

Navy platinum 10k

USAA Rate Advantage 500

BofA 800

Capital one 1500


Acquired 2018


Citibank Preferred (au)

Penfed (au)

Discover IT (au)


Navy Cashback rewards

Navy Amex 

USAA 101st visa 

USAA Cashback Rewards

Amex BCE 

Amex platinum 

Amex Gold

Uber Visa 

Ducks Unlimited Visa



Capital one 

USAA Rate Advantage 



Fico scores pre 2018- 574-601....current 709-740


Big thank you to everyone here with the unlimited info and constructive criticism.   Beats paying someone $2000 to “fix” their credit and still would be not informed when it comes to finance, student loans and mortgages.  DW gets a big thanks for trusting me and the process.  I was able to start on the path to credit health through her acquiring credit cards,  putting me as an AU and BT my high interest debt onto 0% credit cards.  Not all was great. AAoa took a big hit and inquires up the wazoo. Lol. Wanted to know everyone’s experience.  







Amex GoldAmex Hilton Aspire 3.1k
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Re: Year in review. Cards approved and deleted

Acquired prior to 2018


Cap1 Plat (QS benefits) - $6250

Ollo - $1000

PlayStation - $2000


Acquired 2018


CLI on Cap1 $6250 -> $8250

AMEX BCE - $1000

Discover It - $7500

SSFCU Power Cash Back WMC - $5000

NFCU cashRewards - $3000

BBVA Compass ClearPoints - $2000








Scores haven’t really changed that much. 


EX 663 in March, 671 now

TU 637 in March, 647 now


Didnt have EQ score access until I got Navy but they use 09 - 676 now. 

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Re: Year in review. Cards approved and deleted

Well Pickle juice.. Pickles.gif


I don't have a clue how y"all remember all that!

Maybe I just have brain damage but I can't remember when I got what card.



I recall the last few from this year but I would have to go through my reports for anything beyond that.

I bow to your superior memories! 


And hope everyone has a fabulous 2019!!  happynewyear3.gif  After a VERY Merry Christmas of course. Xmastreegif.gif

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Re: Year in review. Cards approved and deleted

7 cards at the beginning of 2018

0 new cards added

0 cards closed

7 cards at the end of 2018

Daily Carry: PenFed Power Cash • NFCU Flagship • NFCU More Rewards • Chase Freedom Unlimited
Sock Drawer: PenFed Promise • NFCU cashRewards • Chase Freedom • Chase United MileagePlus • UNFCU Azure
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Re: Year in review. Cards approved and deleted

Multiple cards pre 2018

Added: Discover It , Wells Fargo Cash Wise ( was a pc but lets be honest, a new account lol) Langley Fed Select Visa, Sears MC upgrade, no new account) Amex Cash Magnet and Navy Platinum Visa.

Closed Navy Amex and Navy Plat ( combined limits).

Paid off Pf loan, added Amex loan
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Re: Year in review. Cards approved and deleted

Two BoA cards pre 2018.  Took CLDs January in order to force myself into a budget.


Added Chase Amazon Prime Visa 2/2018.


Paid off car loan.  Slowly paying down HELOC.


Scores in high 700s-low 800s.  Not much change there.


TCL: $4,000. $500 in wallet, remainder locked away to limit spending.

FICO October 2018: EX 792 (10/11), TU 816 (10/19)
FICO November 2018: EX 792 (11/10) 779 (11/22), TU 805 (11/19)
FICO December 2018: EX 795 (12/20), TU 816 (12/19)
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Re: Year in review. Cards approved and deleted

As of 1/1/2018, only had:

Target $1300 CL (opened 2013)
Home Depot $500 CL (opened 2006)
Numerous baddies, lates, chargeoffs
FICOs in the upper mid 500s


Target $2900
Home Depot $500
AmEx Delta Gold $1000
AmEx Hilton Honors $1000
Discover IT $2800
Victoria’s Secret $750
Wayfair $500
CapOne Quicksilver $500
Indigo $300 (only using for UTI padding now, will be closed in March before AF hits)
Kohl’s $300
All collections/chargeoffs paid, most deleted, no active accounts in less than perfect standing
FICOs in sig below

2019 goals are CLIs everywhere possible, closing store cards that don’t grow during the year, closing Indigo. FICOs above 680, UTI at 10-15% aggregate. Keeping QS for my kids (getting them AUs and allowing use when they go out with friends), otherwise using it only for iTunes charges as Disco and AmEx have better rewards for spend. Looking to get Lowe’s and another AmEx revolver, maybe Cash Magnet or ED, in the summer or fall after CLI on the HH (to prove to me that AmEx is ready to let me grow).

All accomplishments are credited to the knowledge base and advice of this forum. One of the best resources on the internet, regardless of category.

Rose Gold NPSL | BCP | Delta Gold | Hilton Surpass | Hilton Honors | PenFed PCR | IT Cash | IT Chrome | GHSFCU Visa Plat | Quicksilver | Target | VS | Home Depot | Lowes | Sams MC | Firestone | Overstock | Kohl’s | 2017 Audi A6 Prestige S-Line

TCL $85,100| Agg. Util under 5%
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Re: Year in review. Cards approved and deleted

Oh boy, this is gonna be tough. My memory isn't as good as others that have posted but lets see..

Prior to 2018
Discover IT - 13k > 15k
Home Depot
Citi DC
Citi Diamond Preferred > PCd to Citi DC
Cap1 QS
Cap1 Platinum > Closed and CL transferred to QS
Chase Slate
BoA Platinum Plus > PCd to Cash Rewards
Chase Freedom
Amex Blue > 1k
Amex BCE > 6k

Added 2018
Alliant CU - 10k
Amex Delta Gold - 14k
Amex Cash Magnet - 6k
BoA Cash Rewards - 20k
BoA Travel Rewards - 18.5k
Chase FU - 7.5k
Chase Southwest - 7.5k
Cap1 Venture - 30k
US Bank - 5k

Might be missing some here and there but I think that's the total list. I also cleared off some old late payments/baddies and just have one baddie left that's from cosigning for a car (never doing that again).

All scores are in the 740 range.

Scores - All bureaus 756 +
TCL - Est. $275K
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Re: Year in review. Cards approved and deleted

I have added only one card per year, pre-2018, and none in 2017.

- Cap1 QS (2013), Chase Amazon Visa (2014), Sam's CLube MC (2015), Delta Platinum Amex (2016)


For 2018, I would have only added: Citi Costco Visa (January), but.....


After lurking and joining this forum mid-2018:

- Paypal Cashback MC (July)

- Uber Visa (September)

- Amex SPG (November)


No deleted or closed account.


(Me: What happened? Now I'm at 4 of 5/24 with Chase? I did not even know what 5/24 was!)

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Re: Year in review. Cards approved and deleted

Before 2018:

Chase Freedom

Chase slate

Cap 1 platnum


Citi 2x


Acquired in 2018


discover it

Amex ED


Chase FU (changed from slate)

WF propel

WF visa signature


Total CL: ~100k

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PⵢA: Wear a respirator, period.
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