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Your first $10,000+ Limit?

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Re: Your first $10,000+ Limit?

My AAoA is 14 months, no baddies. I got 2 cards in may of '18.  a cap1 QS OF $3,000 which 3 months later got an auto CLI of $8,500 for  a total of $12,500. a few days before I app for citi costco Visa. Sl of $8,500. about 6 months later i got a CLI of $2, 000 for a total CL of $10,500. My first SCL above $10,000 was about 2 wekks ago I got a AMEX BCE with a SL of $10,500. Looking forwrd to day 61 on that card.

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Re: Your first $10,000+ Limit?

I remember that card fondly. It was my Capitol One Quicksilver. It came with an SL of $10,000 and it never changed to this day. I used it on very limited occasions with other cards having replaced its usefulness. These days it sits in the sock drawer awaiting its fate of either being PC'd or combined with a future card.

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Bank of America (Better Balance Rewards M, Cash Rewards WM, Cash Rewards VS), Blispay V, Capital One (Quicksilver VSC, Walmart WMC), Chase(AARP VSC, Amazon Prime VSC, Freedom VSC, Freedom Flex WEMC, Slate VC), Citi Dividend MC, Citizens GreenSense MC, Discover It C, FedEx Employee Credit Association V, FNBO Ducks Unlimited VS, HSBC Cash Rewards WMC, PenFed (Platinum Rewards VSC, Pathfinder Rewards VSC), Synchrony Bank(PayPal Credit, PayPal 2% Cashback M), TD Bank Redcard Store Card, UMB Bank Simply Rewards V[Milford Federal], US Bank (Altitude Go VSC, Cash+ VSC)
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Re: Your first $10,000+ Limit?

@pinkandgrey wrote:

My Amex BCE was the first over 10k. It was via CLI, though, not SL. 

What was the age of your accounts at the time? Like, how far into your credit history did that happen?

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Re: Your first $10,000+ Limit?

I've had credit cards since 2005 in college, but they were mostly credit builders and parts of checking/savings/credit combo offers. Of course I haven't really been serious about credit cards and credit scores until this year so I only had store cards.

They all had 1k - 6k CL.


My first serious card I got was this year when I got a 20k CL on the Savor, which was quite surprising. After that, I was able to get the Amex Blue Preferred for 11k instant approved.

Capital One Savor 20,000
American Express Blue Cash Preferred 11,000
Macy's Amex 10,000
Amazon Prime Signature Visa (Chase) 6,900
Wells Fargo Platinum 6,000
Citi Double Cash 6,500
Chase Freedom Unlimited 5,700
Care Credit (Synchrony) 5,500
Paypal Credit 4,250
Gap (Synchrony) 3,500
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Re: Your first $10,000+ Limit?

i have several cards over 10k now but mostly from CLI  i just got my first 12k approval last week from penfed 


Amex BC 15k, Amex CM 1500, Amex Delta 1k, BBT Travel 4500, BBVA 6900,
CAP1QS 2600, DIscover 3300, Marvel MC 6000, Wells Fargo CR 4500
Blispay 2k
CREDIT UNION CARDS Dcu 2k , Robbins 10k ,united1st 5k
STORE CARDSAmazon 10k , HomeDepot 5k , Pay pal 4k , Wal mart 6k ,Lowes 12k

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Re: Your first $10,000+ Limit?

My Delta Amex was 10k. I was my first credit card I applied for after having one Visa for 20 years with a 1.5k limit!!!!! Lol. Sometimes I still can’t believe I did it. 

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Re: Your first $10,000+ Limit?

USAA approved me for $11k only 2 mos. into my rebuild back in 2013. It was a good thing I was laying down (home sick in bed with my laptop) when the approval screen came up---I couldn't believe it!

Rewards Pts.-Miles: UR-MR-TYP-Venture
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Re: Your first $10,000+ Limit?

Okay, ... so I've been clean for almost 2 years now.
Oh, .. wait. Nevermind.
Wrong meeting.
Also, that's a vicious lie. 😜

Um, about Feb of 2017, I got a couple small clothing cards by myself ($750-$1250), and my mom had me as an unsuspecting co-signer for a Cap1 QS, an Amazon Store card, and a couple low end starters from Credit One. All of which only made me an AU, but I still see our Cap1 QS on my credit report to this day. It's never gone past it's SL of $1250. 😥
Then I got a couple more of my own (like a $750 Cap1 Plat) by that summer (Jun '17). Eventually, I got mail every other week for pre-apps on Citi DP and Disco IT. I was approved for both, $5500 Citi and $6500 Disco. Day before Thanksgiving in 2017, my mother wanted to buy a new solar house and go back to work instead of staying retired. She also wanted a Tesla! 😯
She went back to work day after Thanksgiving, so did I.
I used my two "big" cards all X-Mas to book us flights and hotels, then I needed dental work. Had to get a Carecredit card, was approved for $15k (Mar. '18). By May '18, I had found a solar house for sale. I used the SCT to get a decent SL of $1500 from Wayfair (also the usual $750 Vic Sec).
I bought the house, closed in Aug. and used my cards to move, furnish or upgrade, etc. By Oct. 2018, Citi DP was $10k, Disco was $10k, Cap1 Plat was $6k, even Wayfair was $4k.
I waited till May '19 to app again, now my Cap1 is a Venture WEMC (I think), my Citi DP is at $14k, My Disco is at $14,700, and I got a new Citi DC for $11k.
So, ...? Less than 2yrs? 1 yr to get the Carecredit $15k? 1 1/2 for the others?
And my FICOs were all about 620-650 when I started. Now all much higher, about 770 to 800.

Yeeup. 😛😜😝
Starting Score: 630
Current Score: 768/798/757
Goal Score: 820+

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Began in Jan 2017.
As of Aug. 2018, just bought a new solar home!

Planning for: Chase Saphire Preferred/Reserved
Marriott Bonvoy or Amex Platinum (DONE!!!)
A Viaso card (for Japanese travel)
ANA or JAL FNBO, maybe Cathay Pacific

Amex BCP (*New PC*) - $14000, Citi Premier (*New PC*) - $17500, Citi DC - $12500, Nordstrom VS - $15000, Discover IT - $17500, CareCredit - $15000, Cap One Venture - $4750, Amazon - $6500, Comenity MC- $8900, Lane Bryant Platinum - $4200, Cap One Venture One (*New PC*)(co-sign/au) - $1250, Victoria Secret - $1250, Paypal MC - $4900, BofA Cash Rewards - $3500 (*New*), Amex Hilton - $3000
Amex Platinum - NPSL (*New*)
(About $125,000k in credit. So Far ...) Updated 11/21/2020
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Re: Your first $10,000+ Limit?

In 18 years of having credit, I've still never broken the $10k barrier. But that's because I've gone through a credit crisis and rebuild twice over the years. I was almost there about 7 years ago, I had a few cards in the 7-9k range, but then my credit fell apart. Recently started a rebuild, now my biggest card is $8,600.


I'm ok with it, honestly, having a $10k card isn't that important to me right now. My $20k in total credit (across 4 cards) is way more than enough for the time being.


I do pump about $8k/mo through my cards, so it would be sorta nice to have higher SLs so I don't have to make multiple payments per billing period, but for now I can make do.

    Total Loan Balance: $58k / $65k

    Total SL: $42.4k
Goal cards:

United 1K - 675,000 lifetime flight miles    |    Chase Status: 3/24
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Re: Your first $10,000+ Limit?

More on point with the OP's question, about how long it takes FRESH (not rebuilt) credit to hit a 10k+ SL, like I said I never actually did hit it, but from my first credit card when I was 18 until I started messing up my credit ~20, I only ever got it as high as $5k on any one card. So I'd imagine it takes a few years, unless you speed up the process with AU accounts.

    Total Loan Balance: $58k / $65k

    Total SL: $42.4k
Goal cards:

United 1K - 675,000 lifetime flight miles    |    Chase Status: 3/24
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