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Zales is charging me interest!

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Zales is charging me interest!

I purchased an engagement ring last month on They have a promotion going that if you buy something over $500 with your zales card you will get 6 months no interest financing if paid in full within the 6 months. I got my first statement last month and made the minimum payment due. I checked this months statement online and my balance went up $200 from last months after making the payment. After I made the purchase I called customer service and the representative said  I would get the 6 months no interest financing. I tried calling them now but they're closed on the weekend. When I call and complain can they still give me the promotional financing and deduct the interest charges I got for this month? I would've never purchased it if I couldn't get no interest financing. I can't afford to pay it off now and I can't afford the interest if they can't do it for me and I also can't return the ring as I already gave it to my fiance.

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Re: Zales is charging me interest!

I'm not at all familiar with Zales, but I would think that if all is in order, that this is probably (hopefully) a mistake that can quickly be corrected. Just to be certain, you didn't pay late, did you? You did make certain that the payment was recieved and applied on time-- on or before the due date? One thing that will kill promotional financing deals is to pay late, even by a few hours, and they'll hit you with the interest.


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