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Zero balance discover-does it generate statement?

Moderator Emerita

Re: Zero balance discover-does it generate statement?

shakalaka wrote:

09Lexie wrote:

shakalaka wrote:

I had the same issue. The first statement does not cut, if the period is shorter then 30 days. My first "officil" statement did cut after 45 days or so and since then every months on time. So you need to wait for next months.


Btw Discover also did not report to the CRA until after my first "official" statement.

Wow! That's a bummer.  No midcycle report from them?

No midcycle, extracycle, no nothing ... just everytime the statement did cut. And I used it pretty heavy the first three months and made extrapayments (still no huge credit limit so far). And had a balance report (0% APR) every time.

Ok thank you. 

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