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Zync Approved..Gold Pre-Approved?

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Re: Zync Approved..Gold Pre-Approved?

injustifiiable Thanks a lot for the card recommendation....I will check it out.  And yes they are offering the $150 AF waived for the first year.  I think I need
to read up this weekend because aside from the 15,000 points, I didn't see how the Gold was earning that many extra points than my Zync, of course
I'm probably reading it wrong..but it seems I can use my Zync points with travel if I have at least 5,000. It says online that I also earn 2x the points on travel
when using my Zync.  There is probably small print somewhere that I'm not reading..but I'll read through it tonight.

Credit314 Thanks, was a slight surprise to be approved for Zync  I read through the forums and a lot of people were advising to have a 690+ score before appying..but I bit the bullet anyway Smiley Happy

jsucool76 Thank you for the input, yes the AF is waived.  Yes I just looked online, the PRG looks great, I know I don't qualify for that card but 25,000 point bonus, 2x on gas and groceries is nice.  I'll probably wait a few months and look for a really good CR card.


Revelate I'm only interested in dining as well...seems like I'm celebrating a birthday or function every month.  Racking up those giftcards would be great.

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