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Zync Approved

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Re: Zync Approved


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yay probably will go for a clear since i wouldnt hit the spending limit on the blue cash till july - sept


Congratulations.  I'm a one month holder of the Zync.  Seems like most with the Zync are either just leaving subprime land or have "young" credit.


It will be interesting to see around the end of the year who are able to get different products within AMEX after using the Zync a few months.  Will want to compare notes for sure!

What are the lowest scores you've seen get approved for the Zync?


Think I saw 642 get approved. I know my friend got Gold with 654


I'm *tempted* to apply in December when all of my inquiries are 1 year and a several months ago, my utilization is chopped down tremendously, and a number of my student loan late payments hit the 7 year mark and go *POOF*, but I have a feeling American Express wouldn't touch me with a ten foot pole, lol..


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Re: Zync Approved

For reference purposes, I was approved yesterday for Premier Rewards Gold


EX 657 (AMEX hard pull)

TU and EQ FICO - 674 

31% utilization

3 cards  with 4 years of perfect history

Orchard $900 CL - $0 Balance - 4 YR

BBRZ $600 CL - $0 Balance - 2 YR

Cap One $2500 CL - $1200 Balance - 4YR 

1 CO from APR 2004 with Cap One

1 60 day late in 2005 on mortgage - 5 YR Perfect history since

4 30 day late from 2007 (joint car loan with ex)

9 months perfect history on new car loan (11/09)

DTI ~15%


Hope this helps and best of luck when or if you choose to apply...  


Thanks to all that have and continue to help with my credit repair journey!




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Re: Zync Approved

Been using this since i got it on saturday.


Does anyone else never show pending transactions? Mine just go straight through.

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TU - 663 Fico (04/03/11)
EQ - 654 Fico (04/03/11)
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