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Zync Charge Card Utilization

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Re: Zync Charge Card Utilization


Tazman81 wrote:

Thanks for the advice Marine.  I just wasn't sure if there was a 1 size fits all type of thing because I had heard both.  I'd heard that its better to PIF, but then I've also heard to carry a less than 10% balance on your cards for a higher score.

It comes down to what works best for you and that can only be determined by trial and error IMO.
I just don't believe there is a one size fits all approach.
But I've been wrong before.  Smiley Happy

From a BK years ago to:
9/09 EX pulled by lender 802
3/10 EQ- 800
6/10 TU -772

You can do the same thing with hard work

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Re: Zync Charge Card Utilization

Utilization is 30% of your score. 


The FICO scoring system is statistical and the algorithm is unknown.   So small tweaks in your report can be hard to predict, so your mileage may vary.  If you are worried about every last point then try what works for the majority here.





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