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Zync Extended Warranty Benefits?

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Zync Extended Warranty Benefits?

I had to replace my iphone 4 on June 1, 2012 after the battery stopped holding a charge and I could only talk on it on speakerphone because the mic stopped working.... Paid with my Zync card, $159....


Fast forward to today, get out the car for work and my phone falls out of its case and the screen shatters. I want to get it fixed ASAP.


I know Amex has warranty options on purchases, but with the discontinuation of my Zync, can't really find any info on what exactly it is. Any body have any insight??

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Re: Zync Extended Warranty Benefits?

Warranty covers manufacturer's defects, I don't think after shattering the phone you would be able to take any benefit out of it.

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Re: Zync Extended Warranty Benefits?

I think it basically extends the manufacturer ( apple ) warranty by 1 year.

Not sure if it would be covered but it's worth a try IMO.

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Re: Zync Extended Warranty Benefits?

You're looking to file a Purchase Protection claim. They coverage covers accidental damage within 90 days from purchase date for up to the purchase amount.


Other posters are correct but they are stating the wrong type of coverage. Extended Warranty doubles manufacture's warranty up to another year.

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